Snacktime meets smart tech.

Fully managed, customizable retail for apartments, offices, hotels, and more.

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Equipped for life.

Stockwell is a smart store that’s equipped for anything–from lunch on the go to laundry-day supplies. The smart tech inside learns what’s selling and what’s not so we don’t just give the people what they want, we give them what they need.

The benefits of having a Stockwell.


Fully managed

Taking care of your Stockwell is 100% “we got you” and 0% “on you”–from deliveries, to shopper questions, to service needs.



We stock the best products for your space. Your Stockwell will evolve over time based on shoppers’ behavior and feedback. Just another perk of smart tech, you know?



Set up an account once, shop 24/7. No messy bills or credit cards; all anyone needs to shop is a phone.

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Stockwell is
a store.

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