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All “pros.” No “cons.”

Fully managed

Taking care of your Stockwell is 100% “we got you” and 0% “on you” – from deliveries, to shopper questions, to service needs.


We stock the best products for your space. Your Stockwell will even evolve over time to discover shopper’s behavior and feedback.

Easy access

Shopping is easy with the app. Customers just need to download the app, and they’re good to shop.

Open 24/7

Any time, day or night, your Stockwell is open for business.


No messy cards or cash – the people in your space only need the app to shop.

Useful & insightful

You can see what Stockwell learns in the Dashboard – like what’s selling and what’s not.

Discover products

We stock a variety of products, from staples to snacks to sports drinks, so your Stockwell is always offering something to delight.

Build community

Stockwell is an easy way to bring people together in a central location, much like the mailbox or the local coffee shop.

There’s a Stockwell for every space.

Multi-family residential buildings

Bringing a Stockwell into a residence means the space is equipped for anything, from TP emergencies to midnight munchies. Tenants get what they need 24/7 – even while still wearing their pajamas.

College campuses

There’s a Stockwell fit for housing, gyms, offices, fraternities, and sororities. Having Stockwell on campus means students and faculty don’t have to leave to get all the essentials they need, when they need them.

Work spaces

Like the water cooler, but much better and equipped for so much more. From breakfast items, to office supplies, to working-late dinner, see how a Stockwell improves an office or co-working space.

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What makes a Stockwell a Stockwell?



Furniture-grade wood and premium materials and finishes are used to construct our stores so they look great in lobbies, lounges, and waiting areas.



Stockwell shelves light up with integrated and recessed LED lighting.


Computer vision

Used to process transactions, keep an eye on restocking needs, and detect fraud.


Product assortment

Stockwell's product selection improves over time based on what people buy, new item requests, and product reviews.

Your privacy is serious business.

We make sure that user data is secure and that your Stockwell is safe. Read up on our privacy policy.

More locations are on the way.

We’re currently in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago. But we’re expanding and coming to new cities (very) soon.

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Stockwell is
a store.

Minus the whole “store” thing. Get one in your space today.

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