Obsessed with the Last Hundred Feet

At Stockwell, we’re combining the convenience of online ordering with the instant gratification of real world retail. We’re building hardware, software and supply chain operations to create delightful automated stores that are only a few feet away and always stocked with what you need.

Jacob Greenberg

Professional Ultimate Frisbee player, Lingonberry lover.

Meghan Howard

John Skidgel

Designer, maker, coder and dad of two teenagers. Festool and hand tool junkie. Was t-shaped way before it was cool and hails from Maine and Puerto Rico.

Nirmal Thacker

Problem finder and hacker. Masters swimmer, sourdough baker and Pink Floyd geek.

Rebecca Sheldon

Jeanine Silberblatt

Former Wall Street Analyst turned Retail Exec with stops at Gucci Group, Sears and Reformation. Tennis junkie, Bar Method instructor, Wife of the Year 2015-2017 and Trini to de bone.

Tyler Garvin

Former computational biologist taking a detour into the wild world of retail. Live music junkie and native born New Mexican with a love for cold weather sports.

Amanda Zadronzy

Lalaynia Haslem

John Unkovic

Maker of things, master tinkerer, and novice new parent. Proud owner of over 200 board games and a lifelong Giant's fan.

Dave Knokey

Richard Wolfe

Self proclaimed "Best Salesman Ever!". Lover of cars, family and talking.

Audrey Larson

Ambidextrous-brained engineer-artist. She likes her food spicy, her movies scary, and her Tarheels winning.

Ashwath Rajan

Ash refused to give me a snippet about himself so this is what he gets instead. He's the brains of this organization, fortunately not the task list.

Maria Johnson

Mother of Army man and future veterinarian, loves cooking, baking, swimming, and enjoy soccer games. I super enjoy Christian Concerts, awesome sci-fy movies, and action movies like Avengers and Justice League.

Michael Vander Meiden

Richie Wallace

Lady Butter

Guard dog.

Pat Moore

Paul McDonald

Former Britney Spears music video star and Group Product Manager at Google. Father of three, basketball lover and die-hard Detroit Lions fan.

Victoria Liu

Ly Sa

Jeff Chen

Michon Jackson

Danielle Lovell

Kelli Sousa

Former collegiate volleyball player & Google sales leader, current yoga teacher & practioner. Connoisseur of all the bacon, ketchup & cheeses, middle child, and Mom to French bulldog named Butter.


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